Propeller residency fellow Radius presents an installation of Jason Soliday’s Infinite Radius at Mana Contemporary

Propeller Fund PILOT PROGRAM resident Radius is pleased to announce their first public exhibition at Propeller Fund at Mana Contemporary, an installation of Jason Soliday’s Infinite Radius, a permutation of Radius Episode 30: J. Soliday’s Radial Variations. 

For the Infinite Radius installation, Soliday’s original thirteen Radial Variations recordings have been added to The Infinite Jukebox, an online tool which divides each track into beats and then analyzes each beat according to pitch, timbre, loudness, duration, and position. During playback as each beat is played, there is a chance that The Infinite Jukebox will jump to a different beat that sounds similar to the one played, continuing this cycle infinitely for as long as the Jukebox is allowed to play. Through this process of remixing with The Infinite Jukebox, yet another set of Radial Variations have been generated. Within the installation of Infinite Radius, multiple Infinite Radius mixes will be played back simultaneously through several stereo audio systems arranged in an overlapping pattern in the Propeller space, effectively remixing the Radial Variations pieces both spatially and chronologically.

Jason Soliday has been an active member of Chicago’s sound-making community for a decade and a half, performing improvised and semi-composed works as a solo artist as well as a member of various bands and collaborative projects. Current projects include The Subtraction, Magic Missile, a duo with new media/glitch artist Jon Satrom, and several recording projects with EVP researcher Michael Esposito. His recorded works have been released on numerous labels, including Alien Passengers, Boxmedia, and CIP. From 2005 to 2012 he was also the main curator at Enemy, a performance space in Chicago focusing on sound art and improvised music.

Exhibition Dates: September 4-30, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, September 12 at 7:00pm
Gallery Open Hours: Saturdays, 12-5pm, September 18 & September 25 at 6pm, and by appointment


About Radius: Radius’s new series GRIDS, funded with the 2013 Propeller Fund grant, consists of four mobile radio broadcasts at four different Chicago geographical locations throughout the 2014 calendar year. For the PILOT PROGRAM, Radius will use our studio space as a headquarters for Radius’s year-long series, and as an incubator/studio-residency space for the four commissioned GRIDS artists. Radius will also be broadcasting its monthly Episodes from the space, and will host a series of Radius artist talks in coordination with the GRIDS series.

Propeller Fund provides ongoing support to its grantees through its PILOT PROGRAM residency and exhibition space at Mana Contemporary. The residency provides two free studio spaces to former grantees for a year for the incubation of new projects and the exhibition space shows ongoing projects by grantees. 2014-2015 PILOT PROGRAM residents are Radius and Multiuso, a newly formed initiative out of A Day Without Public Art in Pilsen.

Propeller Fund at Mana Contemporary

2233 S. Throop Street
Room 420
Chicago, Illinois 60608