The Visualist

Meg Duguid
Michael S. Thomas

Culture/Math was started as a platform to envision reliable and adaptable tools like the Visualist. Tools that can be adapted to respond to the needs of culture workers and their social cohort in meaningful and impactful ways. It’s our current goal is to make the Visualist a more dynamic resource for Chicago and anyone else that might be interested in our rich history of making, theorizing, and sharing.

The Visualist currently provides artists and researchers with a chronological tool for sifting uniformly formatted collections of events and exhibitions related to the the visual arts. While this archive is situated within an active community calendar and continues to grow daily, it’s our intention to see this archive create a more diverse narrative than the history that’s been previously presented and reach back even further to the 1989 fire at the Adler & Sullivan designed Brunswick-Balke-Collender plant. This event decimated a decades long period of growth and development within Chicago’s visual arts community and set the stage for our cities development in the years that immediately followed. The most stark lesson of this fire has been that our organizations, the artist-run projects, all of the shows and the actions are they’re ephemeral; the list of spaces that we see this year will look very different in 18 months. These histories are too easily lost and too often remain uncaptured but the Visualist aims to reverse that erosion.

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