The Happiness Project

Tricia Van Eck

The Happiness Project is an exhibition that invites artists to be catalysts to encourage new thinking about cultural policies. In various storefronts artists will create events, performances, and interventions fostering communal discussion of what happiness might look like for themselves, others, and the City.

The Happiness Project is a reimagining of how individuals might best live and work together in urban space through engaging in unexpected and transcendent activities. Presented within empty storefronts in various parts of the city in November, the exhibition fosters connections between “the city that works” and “the city of neighborhoods,” as well as ideas of work and play. After 22 years of the longest serving mayor in Chicago’s history, Chicago’s new leader, Rahm Emanuel, is creating a new cultural policy plan. While artists often greet new politicians with a screed of demands, The Happiness Project aims to articulate the potential of how the right to pursue happiness, if applied to work, life, and governmental decisions, could transform the city and the well being of its inhabitants.

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