The Chicago Tiller



The Chicago Tiller is an experimental publication that is part calendar, part almanac, and part arts publication. “Tiller” refers both to a tool for preparing soil and part of a ship which steers through water. The Chicago Tiller will be both — a tool for calling new futures into existence and one for navigating the present. With a forthcoming presidential election cycle in a divisive and violent cultural climate, 2020 stands to be a challenging year for many, particularly queer and trans Indigenous people and people of color (QTIPOC) who are increasingly targets of erasure and violence across the world. The Chicago Tiller is an opportunity to reflect on what we can offer each other in this age. To bring The Chicago Tiller to the world, PansyGuild will facilitate a series of workshops with QTIPOC artists. Workshop participants will be invited to reflect on interdependence and their innate and ancestral truths that they use as an armor for moving through the world. The workshops will include facilitated conversation, writing, sharing, research and visual creation in order to generate content for the The Chicago Tiller. Pansyguild will then design and print (using letterpress, relief, screenprint, risography, and digital printing methods) The Chicago Tiller in an edition of 200, working with each participating artist on their individual work and month in the publication. The final publication will be released in September of 2020 ahead of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, with the idea in mind that no matter who is placed into office, our communities will still be at risk and in need of skills for strengthening and survival. 


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white cloth with blue flowers printed and