Tamalli Space Charros Collective

Omar Ureña Ximénez
Tamatz Juanes
The Aztlán Cardinal
La Pocha Catalana
Luis Humberto Valadez
Saúl Aguirre
Armando Morales
Luis Muñoz

Tamalli Space Charros Collective (TSCC) is an interdisciplinary business project that brings multimedia art and Mexican cuisine into a new arena where boundaries are meant to be crossed in order to explore and reinvent Chicago’s food scene and through a social network.  “Tamalli Space Charros” is a food truck launched in January 2011 as a “wireless tamaleria” using twitter as its main tool to offer tamales in the streets of Chicago.  Inspired by the 1920’s Mexican avant garde “stridentist movement” and sci-fi Mexican wrestling films from the 1960’s TSCC offers “tamales de mole” surrounded by Mexican pop culture kitsch elements.

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