Sin Cinta Previa + Chuquimarca

Jose Luis Benavides
John H. Guevara


Blurring the lines between ciné club, reading room and art space, Sin Cinta Previa + Chuquimarca(SCP+C) is a collaboration between a video-art series, project space and growing library creating visibility, place and discussion with and for Native, Caribbean and Latinx artists in Chicago. SCP+C offers and seeks exhibitions, performances and screenings through open calls while also pulling from within its community of Chicago-based artists, cultural workers and thinkers. SCP + C manifests opportunities to bridge our local contemporary art dialogue with artists and audiences nationally and across the Americas. Through our collaborative curatorial effort, SCP+C fights against the constant invisibility and forced cultural amnesia targeted against our diasporas by showcasing and celebrating the work of our peers and contemporaries.
Artist bios:

Jose Luis Benavides is a queer Latinx artist, filmmaker and educator who programs Sin Cinta Previa: Latinx & Queer Archive Video Series.

John H. Guevara runs Chuquimarca – a library project space focused on the Native, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central and South American contemporary art and culture discourse in Chicago.


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