Sex Offender Next Door

Laurie Jo Reynolds
Stephen F. Eisenman
Jeanine Oleson

Two innovative cultural projects (photo series, calling cards) will be produced with maximum community involvement, and included in a series of dialogic public presentations on the subject of sexual violence, sex offender policies, and harm reduction.

Sex offender statutes have proliferated in the last decade, creating what is often described as a caste system – a regime that combines the stigmatization of the public registry with severe restrictions in housing, mobility, employment, and social contract.  It is imposed for years, even a lifetime, after the completion of prison or probation.  These laws affect 20,941 people in Illinois and their families, yet there has been no more public dialogue about them, even as legislators pursue more draconian policies.  Last session alone, 13 new sex offender bills were passed by the Illinois General Assembly.