Rooting: Regional Networks, Global Concerns

Deborah Boardman
Roger Cooley
Kevin Kaempf
Eric May

Rooting: Regional Networks, Global Concerns will be a 3-day symposium highlighting emerging programs and projects by artists, cultural workers, radical chefs, rural and urban farmers, and small businesses. The program will spotlight creative responses to the extreme environmental, social and economic changes facing local and global communities with a focus on the Chicago region in the United States and New Delhi and other regions in India. The event will pull together local, regional, and international presenters to share projects and best practices addressing soil health, water conservation, advocacy, food production and distribution, and building sustainable communities. Presentations will be documented on video and posted online with a companion online publication with contributions by symposium participants.

Working under the name The Rhizome Alliance, Eric May, Kevin Kaempf, Deborah Boardman, and Rodger Cooley are partnering with a mutual desire to support sustainability, create global partnerships, and promote creative work by artists, chefs, urban farmers, and cultural organizations.

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