Asociación communitaria de conocimiento descentralizada (ACCD)

Nicole Marroquin
Jackie Serrato
Amanda Cortes
Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa
Gloria Talamantes
Sarita Hernandez


Asociación communitaria de conocimiento descentralizada (ACCD) aims to revive public memories of human rights struggles and radical cultures in Latinx neighborhoods in Chicago. Marroquin and collaborators will cultivate public participation through a series of pop-up workshops focused on the women, LGBTI people and system-targeted youth who are almost always excluded from the very civil rights struggles that they led. Informed by Saidiya Hartman’s notions of critical fabulations and the historical frictions of Andres L Hernandez, they will attend to the unknowns, the silences, and the erasures. The goal is to learn the form of absence because they already co-exist with it. They will explore how art, music, fashion, movies and the built environment shape shared cultural memory in the community.


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public wall art with statement handwritten about ideas coming from social practices