Radical Visibility Collective

Sky Cubacub
Compton Q
Jake Vogds

The Radical Visibility Collective, led by Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments, Compton Q, and Jake Vogds, is designing an immersive and accessible fashion performance. Their vision for queer disabled futurism will manifest in live performers wearing an entirely new second collection of 20+ Lqqks, all moving to an original, multi-collaborative sophomore album that invites folx with visual impairments to the show. All of the lyrics will be audio descriptions that outline what the models are wearing, their dance moves and the models’ identities described in their own words. To document the show, they will create both a music video and a zine. The music video encapsulates the space and performance with closed captioning, while the zine presents photographs and lyrics collaged together with an accompanying CD of music to provide audio descriptions so that people can continue to experience their vision for radical visibility.

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