Under New Management: Privatizing Chicago’s Public Works

Angela Davis Fegan
Renee Albrecht-Mallinger

Under New Management invites audiences to imagine themselves in a near-future in which Chicago’s public education system has been entirely privatized (in accordance to the pace set by the policies of our current mayor). The project subverts familiar signage, such as school marquees, building plaques, construction signs, and advertising to raise questions about the short and long-term impact of privatization. It is a plea to the residents of this city to resist apathy and allow members of public office to sell off our taxpayer-financed public institutions and services to the highest bidder. As doubt and apathy spread about the ability of the individual to impact government function, Under New Management aim to enlist participants. They want you to remember that there are things about Chicago worth holding onto. The timeline and the implementation methods of this project largely revolve around distributing information in advance of the Mayoral and Aldermanic primaries that occur on February 26th, 2019.

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