N55 Land

The LAND Cairn is a geometric shaped object that is approximately 1x1x1 meter in dimension. In 2001 the Danish Collective N55 installed LAND Cairn in the corner of the lot at 125 N Harvey Avenue in Oak Park (The Suburban).  In 2007 the cairn was borrowed by the Museum of Contemporary Art for an exhibition titled “Mapping the Self.” The purpose of the cairn is to mark free land. When the cairn was reinstalled in the yard it was not properly bolted to the carriage of its sunken concrete base.  Consequently the cairn was stolen, likely for scrap metal in June 2007.  A police report was filed.  The LAND Cairn was never recovered.

In the project they called Land, N55 began to acquire and dedicate small plots of land, from northern Norway to the Californian desert, in less sparsely populated places in Denmark, Holland and Switzerland, and in waste patches of cities such as Chicago (Oak Park), all to public use.

With the help of the Propeller Fund, N55 can fabricate and ship another cairn to Oak Park, where it can be secured to the original base, once again making FREE Land for anyone to activate.

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