Mothers Of Color (M.O.C.) Creative Residency

Wisdom Baty
Aisha Truss-Miller
Kristina Wilkerson
Alyssa Martinez
Sabuwra Baty

Research and Development Grants, $2000

This Research & Development Grant will pilot one residency for The Mothers of Color Creative Residency Program, a 3 month residency experience open to  mothers of color on Chicago’s South Side. M.O.C. Creative Residency will center alternative narratives, intersectional practices, and creative development for mothers of color.

A wide range of creative practices are welcomed including, but not limited to, visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, music, textile or indigenous crafts. The piloted residency for research and development will provide skill-building strategies to support a mother’s creative practice once the residency is over. This pilot allows time to develop and articulate  the impact on mothers as the residency develops in the future. 

Initiated in 2016, Propeller Fund Research & Development (R&D) grants of $1,000 – $2,000 are awarded based on applicant need, funds available, and jury determination. R&D grants are intended for projects that require initial funding to determine need and feasibility, allowing for early experimentation and additional research to fully inform the ultimate project proposal.


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