Hyde Park Kunstverein

Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford
Erik Peterson
Laura Shaeffer
Beate Geissler

Kunstverein (HPK) is a community museum focusing on local artists and citizens and their work. HPK will act as a cultural incubator in Hyde Park and surrounding neighborhoods, setting up a hybrid zone where the museum is reframed within the context of street-level community and social interaction. We are interested in the challenge of presenting and honoring the person as well as the work, so hobbies, collections, personal narratives and present issues are all of great interest. The museum also addresses cultural engagement and cultural specificity, and how these two ideas can be expressed and challenged through the presentation of exhibitions and conversations.

HPK is housed within the Southside Hub of Production, a temporary cultural center on the Southside of Chicago. With the help of the Propeller Fund HPK is in the process of planning its first year of programming which will include 5 exhibitions with accompanying artist talks and meals.

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