Hold the Lane: An Archival Collection of Black, Brown, and Queer Cyclists in Chicago

Aimee Ortega
D'Frantz Smart
2WheelGods Collective
La Tasha Pollard
Sean Hopkins
Dennis Elliott

Research & Development Grant, $2000

In preparation of creating a visual archive that provides both awarenesss and representation of Black, Brown, and Queer cyclist communties in Chicago, 2WheelGods Collective and collaborators will research Chicago archives to inform best practices for their volume-based collection, each one reflecting a distinct intersection of the Black, Brown, and Queer cycling community. Research and development will focus on how to best develop the initial archive, a collection of the 26 rides of a 2WheelGods season through maps, ride routes, neighborhood images, mileage, names of riders, photographs from the individual rides, and videos. 

Initiated in 2016, Propeller Fund Research & Development (R&D) grants of $1,000 – $2,000 are awarded based on applicant need, funds available, and jury determination. R&D grants are intended for projects that require initial funding to determine need and feasibility, allowing for early experimentation and additional research to fully inform the ultimate project proposal.


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