E-Dogz Mobile Culinary Community Center

Eric “E-Dog” May

E-Dogz Mobile Culinary Community Center is a collaborative mobile kitchen project that is a platform for the cross-pollinating of foodways. Through collaborative cooking practices, I develop new recipes with guest chefs that reflect the contemporary food landscape while promoting evolving cultural expressions. The guests chefs that work with E-Dogz range from professionals to home cooks and from artists to scientists whom I have struck a dialog with in my continual food- obsessed travels and research. Oftentimes, I allow for the collaborator to guide the menu and its context with their own recipes and traditions, while I play role more as curator of ingredients. I bring to the table ingredients that demonstrate my worldview of contemporary eating, which is a common sense, sustainable approach that challenges societal prejudices toward potential food sources. Ingredients may include foraged mushrooms, indoor/urban grown vegetables, insects, and invasive species. Other times the project may work inverted to this logic, with guests that provide ingredients for me to create recipes for. The process is collaborative and fluid and develops through dialog.

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