CHICAGO LOWRIDER FESTIVAL: Culture, Art, Community + Legacy | VOL. 1

Peter Kepha (Peter Pacheco III)
Lauren M. Pacheco
Matt Austin
Edward Calderon
Max Herman
Dr. Ben Chappell

The Chicago Lowrider Project: Cars, Culture and Community explores the relationship between a subculture’s practices of constructing identity and the notion of car culture as an authentic form of folk art.  TCLP is concerned with locating and documenting the production of Midwestern Lowrider culture, stories and histories in the collective creative practices which transcend boundaries and constitute an authentic perception of artistic expression.  In partnership with Candor Arts, a Chicago-based print house, The Chicago Lowrider Project will produce an archival publication representing both identity and objects through visual representations and interviews in order to forward the argument that the expression of identity is the telos of Lowrider art and culture.

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