Brown and Proud Press — Harlan High School Zine Making Series & Reading Event

Melissa Castro Almandina
Carmen Luz Corredor
Daisy Yessenia Zamora Centeno
Lupita Carrasquillo
Luz Esthela Magdaleno Flores
Mayra Cortez
Nancy Sánchez Tamayo
Ciera McKissick / AMFM


After having developed a positive relationship with Harlan High School through ChiTeen Lit Fest, Brown and Proud Press will execute a series of consent-driven zine-making workshops along with a culminating reading event in collaboration with AMFM. Many Brown and Proud Press Collective members are survivors of sexual violence and believe publishing and advocacy can be used as a form of healing. Programmatic support for this workshop includes a partnership with Resilience Chicago for consulting sessions. With Resilience Chicago’s expertise, a participating psychotherapist will be present during all workshops.The collective hopes this series will provide a holistic understanding of zine-making in relation to consent for participating Harlan High School students, teaching them how to stand up for themselves.

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