Big Mia

Samantha Spencer
Alistair Slaughter
Christian Mejia
Loreal Evans
Romain Grant
Rose Dixon
Mohammed Nour Al Baradan
Armani Armstrong-White
Mia Cosme

Big Mia is the second in a series of films that take inspiration from the real lives of young people to tell stories that don’t make it to the screen. Youth narratives, particularly those in Chicago, are often portrayed as violent by the mainstream media, while many others aren’t told at all. Whatever Spectrum Media Collective works to tell these underrepresented stories in ways that are complex and thought-provoking—stories that are not often included within the narrative of youth in underserved communities. The actors and crew are young people that have an ongoing relationship and mentorship with the filmmakers. They are involved in all aspects of production, including script consultation, budgets, grant-writing, filming, and editing. Big Mia is a semi-biographical story about Mia, a tomboy at the brink of womanhood. She watches as the world begins to see her differently although she sees herself unchanged.

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