An Art of Interruption: Restructuring Narratives of Poverty (Red Line Service)

Billy McGuinness
Rhoda Rosen

Through three years of working with Chicagoans experiencing homelessness, Red Line Service (RLS) has cultivated a community of participants with an unusual and unexpectedly wide-ranging cultural expertise. Inspired by the breadth of perspectives within this community, McGuinness and Rosen will create an artist’s book that challenges stereotypical narratives of poverty, expands the boundaries of art criticism, and provides RLS participants the chance to engage in a sustained creative and intellectual process. Including essays of art criticism by Chicagoans in transition*, along with a manifesto that explains the nuances of their work and the crucial significance of art that engages directly with the impacts of income inequality, the book will function simultaneously as an artifact, an art object, and a guide to would-be social practitioners.

*McGuinness and Rosen use the word transition to affirm that homelessness is a temporary set of circumstances and not a state of being.

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