The Anti-Wargames Collective: Counter Recruitment Videogames

Steve Ciampaglia
Kerry Richardson
Eric Garcia
Michael Figueroa

To bolster the number of active military personnel in the wake of 9/11, the US military initiated a concerted effort to recruit Latinos, particularly those from low-income and immigrant communities. Concurrently, the military started its use of videogames (made in collaboration with commercial videogame producers) to recruit young people. To help teens look more critically at these games, the Plug-In Studio will work with Latino artists Erica Garcia and Michael Figueroa, both military veterans, to collaboratively produce a series of counter-recruitment videogames with Latino teenagers that explore the real life consequences of serving in the military, critique the representation of the military in videogames, and criticize the military’s use of videogames to recruit teens, particularly Latinos.

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