A Day at Stateville

Revonne Monroe
James Chapman
Danny Franklin
Amin Akbar El-Rukn
Duffie Clark
Ted Johnson-Bey
Melvin Haywood
Erma Hollingsworth
Cynthia Rush
The Changing Minds Campaign Members

A Day at Stateville” is a stage performance that highlights the typical day-in-the-life of convicted felons. Performed by ex-offenders, the play describes various aspects of crime, punishment, and criminal justice policy and prisoner re-entry initiatives for the ex-offender.

The Changing Minds Campaign, developed over the past year (and continuing to evolve), has as its core purpose to reduce the stigma that the public, the media, employers, legislators and many others impose on persons released from prison and those serving their sentences with dignity. As a result of this stigma, persons released from prison face overwhelming obstacles to successful and meaningful reentry. Persons in prison are deprived of the opportunity to learn new skills to use on release. And legislators are afraid to do anything positive for prisoners and former prisoners, fearful of being labeled soft on crime. The Campaign, using a variety of approaches, is designed to identify what might change or modify the attitudes that create this terrible stigma.


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