2nd Floor Co-op

Katie Waddell
Mia Lopez

2nd Floor Co-op is a creative consortium, think-tank, work-share, and dream machine for past 2nd Floor Rear participants and the people who love them.

2nd Floor Rear (2ndfloorrear.org), an annual DIY festival of art in alternative spaces, is taking a break from its regular programming in 2018 to re-form as a co-operatively run programming residency comprised of select 2nd Floor Rear alumni. Throughout the year, residents will take turns providing conceptual direction for a series of creative gatherings, channeling 2nd Floor’s freewheeling curatorial philosophy into trans-disciplinary occasions for shared experience.

In addition to contributing critical feedback, labor, and administrative and operational support for each others’ events, artists will also create original digital content for 2nd Floor Co-op’s media, foster mutual artistic growth by participating in ongoing dialog and intensive workshops, and offer feedback as participants in an organizational laboratory, testing new models for community-centered cultural production and non-linear organizational practice.

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