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2016 Awardee Sống Hosts Argyle is Alive

Axis Lab hosts BASE LINE: Argyle is Alive a pop-up summer festival featuring curated food, live performances, music, art, and local vendors, celebrating the diversity and legacies of immigrants and refugees in the community surrounding Argyle St.

2016 Awardee Artist-run Exchange Program Presents Revenge Body

For its inaugural Artist-Run Exchange Program exhibition, ADDS DONNA announces a two-person exhibition organized by Open Space, an artist-run gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. Rachael Hayden and Sophie Friedman-Pappas will present paintings and sculpture that combine symbolic imagery with a juicy, psychedelic-pop aesthetic. Together their work delves into the unexplained and otherworldly in pursuit of self-awareness.

2012 Awardee THE FRANKLIN Hosts Dr. Rock

Dr. Rock transforms the Franklin Gallery into a therapist’s office where visitors are invited to sign up in advance and discuss their respective anxieties with the rock in attendance. Known for their humble stature and centuries of experience, Dr. Rock has kindly agreed to donate their services for up to three consecutive Sundays.

2015 Awardee HAIR CLUB Teaching Seminar at Ox-Bow

This interdisciplinary studio/seminar, led by the collective HAIR CLUB, explores hair as a lens through which to examine a diverse array of contemporary issues, events and experiences. The first week will focus on hair as cultural content with lectures, readings, and discussions around how hair carries expressions of power into gender, politics, and consumerism. The second week will delve into hair as material subject in writing, fashion and visual culture.

2012 Awardee CAKE Sixth Annual Expo

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists–past, present, and future.

2015 Awardee Fielding at Hyde Park Art Center Open House

led by Project Fielding, Resistance Architecture is an adaptable structure intended for political encampment; responsive to our current political climate; and can be erected in direct response to the needs of long-term protesters. For this open house, Project Fielding teachers Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg and Miriam Stevens invite you to engage with the structure’s physically adaptive features and to enter the structure for a short workshop where we discuss and draw upon our own resistances.

2011 Awardee Territory Leads Youth Empowerment Walking Tour

See the city through the eyes of young people, and discover community-based youth empowerment strategies through an interactive walking tour led by Territory Urban Design Team. The tour includes site visits and placemaking activities exploring social justice issues through urban design, activism, performance, and social enterprise.

2016 Awardee Lavender Menace Occupation at Salonathon

This event will center around a site specific installation of lavender menace posters within in the bathroom of long standing performing arts series, Salonathon. The installation will include the participation of bar patrons by allowing them to respond to a text prompt directly on the wall of the bathroom, adding to the context and the environment of both the gathering and the existing art installation.

Propeller Fund Seeks Archiving Intern

The Propeller Fund seeks a part-time, temporary intern to assist in archiving grantee projects and building the organization’s online presence. Propeller is looking for someone who is organized, a self-starter, and interested in documenting the activities of socially engaged artists in Chicago.