Artist Tax Workshop

Artist Tax Workshop with Janet Ecklebarger
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 S. Peoria St.
February 11, 6:30 PM
Free and Open to the Public


Hosted by Propeller Fund, this workshop led by Janet Ecklebarger will guide artists through the process of identifying and accounting for the many diverse income streams (from contract day jobs to grant awards and sales) and business-related expenses that comprise their livelihoods.

Topics covered:
-Taxability of grants and other artist incomes
-Deductions and how to treat them including record keeping
-DBA’s and banking
-Role of Fiscal Agents
-How to complete associated tax forms commonly used to assess and report self-employment tax (Form 1040-Schedule SE), expenses for business use of home (Form 8829), and depreciation & amortization (Form 4562)
-Easy-to-adopt analog and digital organizational systems for tracking receipts and other types of recordkeeping
-In addition to sharing her insights on tax-filing best practices for artists, Janet will also be able to address questions pertinent to individualized circumstances.

Janet Ecklebarger earned her Master’s degree from Cranbrook, in 1992. She has been working as a tax associate since 2005 and specializes in deductions for artists, musicians, and other creative types while also offering tax and accounting techniques for the right brained. She is a practicing artist who just moved to a 30-acre property in North Carolina and cannot wait to see how the second half of her life unfolds.