Fultonia exhibition at Propeller Fund at Mana Contemporary

2013 Propeller Fund Awardees Fultonia present an exhibition, publication, and series of events to bring forth the history of Fultonia as a springboard for conversation and action centered on the present state of Black physical,  mental, and cultural life.


Fultonia’s exhibition at the Propeller Fund at Mana Contemporary is a look into Chicago’s healthy past, present, and future through the eyes of nutritionist and health food advocate, Dr. Alvenia Fulton. 40 years after her 1960s iconic storefront, a collective of urban cyclists and makers, committed to the health, wealth, and environment of Black communities, happened upon a building with no other marker than a weathered sign saying “Fultonia” near the intersection of Damen and West 63rd. Fultonia is revived here—bringing Dr. Fulton’s work to life and offering a space to plant the seeds that shape our future.

The Fultonia exhibition, a space in three parts, teaches us of Dr. Fulton’s past, takes us through her current reinterpretation, and encourages us to think about how we would like to shape our future. “The Past” documents Dr. Fulton through images, audio, and video of her and her iconic storefront, giving us a feel for what her space meant and how she communicated her mission. “The Present” shows the efforts of the current Fultonia team through pictures and articles, including events that have taken place in the lot adjacent to the Fultonia building as well as Fultonia’s publication, The Other Side of the Lane. “The Present” also includes a space for meeting, collaborating, and learning. Various events will take place at the Propeller Fund exhibition space at Mana Contemporary and will be announced in the near future. “The Future” is an interactive display that asks us to plant seeds—Seeds of Excess and Seeds of Change—while we think critically about what we can do without and what we would like to change in ourselves and our communities. These seeds grow into plants that represent the change we wish to be and see.

Coinciding with the 2014 Propeller Fund Award Ceremony, the opening reception for Fultonia will be held at Mana Contemporary on October 16.

Award Ceremony: October 16, 6:30pm, UIC Space, 5th floor

Opening Reception: October 16, 7-9pm, Propeller Fund, 4th floor

Exhibition Dates: October 16, 2014-January 23, 2015

Gallery Open Hours: Saturdays, 12-5pm, and by appointment


About Fultonia In 2014, four creative souls with the help of dozens of others, hosted a year-long happening that forwarded the legacy of Fultonia in the Greater Englewood community. Through the lens and processes of cultural production, Fultonia revived the dialogue on consumption in order to examine the habits of Black Americans around physical, mental, economic, and environmental health. This multi-layered series of events started with The Awakening,  a set of hyper-local bike rides which served as the entry point of engagement and a means to broadcast the goings on at the Fultonia space. Evolving platforms built on The Awakening’s first touch with its neighbors: Monday Mass and Friday Fast, a series of communal events centered around food and diet and The Other Side of the Lane, a bi-monthly publication.

About Propeller Fund The Propeller Fund provides ongoing support to its grantees through its PILOT PROGRAM residency and exhibition space at Mana Contemporary. The residency provides two free studio spaces to former grantees for a year for the incubation of new projects and the exhibition space shows ongoing projects by grantees. 2014-2015 PILOT PROGRAM residents are Radius and Multiuso, a newly formed initiative out of A Day Without Public Art in Pilsen.

Propeller Fund at Mana Contemporary

2233 S. Throop Street

Room 420

Chicago, Illinois 60608