2016 Awardee Lavender Menace Occupation Installation

LMO x Off Chances
Lavender Menace Occupation bathroom installation during the Valentine’s Day edition of Off Chances at Danny’s.
Tuesday, February 14th, 10PM – 2AM
Danny’s in Wicker Park
1959 W. Dickens, Chicago, IL

This event will center around a site specific installation of lavender menace posters within in the bathroom of long standing queer dance party, Off Chances at Danny’s. The installation will include the participation of bar patrons by allowing them to respond to a text prompt directly on to the wall of the bathroom, adding to the context and the environment of both the gathering and the existing art installation. Off Chances is the cruisy and conversational sister to Chances Dances, featuring Cheap Drinks, Good Music, Free Stuff, and Queer People. All Chances parties recognize the power of consent, welcome all gender expressions, and feature gender neutral bathrooms.This event is free and open to the public, but is also 21 & over. Unfortunately, Danny‚Äôs is not wheelchair accessible.