2015 Awardee Honey Pot Performance Gatherings for ways of knowing

HPP Invites you to Gatherings, as part of the project ways of knowing

What do you know? How do you know it? How do you create value for what you know? 

Honey Pot Performance invites you to one of five remaining Gatherings between April and June 2018 for an afternoon of conversation, performance, nourishment, and creative play. Gatherings are free and open to all. Address provided when you register.

Sunday, April 29
South Shore: Studio 6A, hosted by Amina Dickerson
Saturday, May 12
Humboldt Park: HOMEroom, hosted by Erin Kilmurray
Sunday, May 20
Pilsen: High Concept Labs at Mana, 4th Floor Studio
Saturday, May 26
Homan Square: SAIC at Nichols Tower, 10th Floor
Saturday, June 9
Rogers Park: The Solarium, hosted by Sojourner Wright


In Fall 2018, Honey Pot Performance will premiere ways of knowing, an exploration of how we know what we know and create value for our ways of making knowledge. ways of knowing explores concepts of mastery, expertise, value, and knowledge production using HPP’s own evolving creative process and almost two decades of history together as a center to build the work around.

For the Gatherings, we will engage people from all walks of life in a meal, an interactive sharing, and a showing of the work in progress. We plan to incorporate the stories, data, and documentation from these gatherings into the work itself in partnership with On the Real Film. In reciprocal acts of knowledge exchange, we invite the public to share their stories and skills of expertise with us as HPP shares our own methods of creative process and art making. We will gather to discuss and experience the value of our various knowledge making tools and the skills we work to sharpen and refine through our respective practices.

We look forward to sharing with you. Details for your selected Gathering will be emailed to you the Wednesday before your session happens.