2015 Awardee Fielding at Hyde Park Art Center Open House


Project Fielding Resistant Architecture at the Hyde Park Arts Center Open House 
Friday, April 21. 4-6 pm

Hyde Park Art Center

5020 S. Cornell Ave.

(Part of Open Engagement 2017)

Created during a recent workshop led by Project Fielding, Resistance Architecture is an adaptable structure intended for political encampment; responsive to our current political climate; and can be erected in direct response to the needs of long-term protesters. For this open house, Project Fielding teachers Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg and Miriam Stevens invite you to engage with the structure’s physically adaptive features and to enter the structure for a short workshop where we discuss and draw upon our own resistances. Project Fielding is a collective of women and gender non-conforming carpenters who lead power tool workshops and design/build projects for builders of all levels.