2014 ACRETV Double Feature: <3 and The Republic

Double Feature: <3 and The Republic
Two ambitious experimental narratives each realized with hilariously singular visions. Looping all month.
Airing on ACRETV.org
January 1-31, 2018
<3 by LNZ:
“Constructed as a loosely woven spiraling death odyssey of the night, LNZ’s body moves through different forms of digital imagery until finally being uploaded to the internet to live forever. Formally, its a 60 minute selfie.
A coming of age story in a technological communications revolution where love gets uploaded, digitally dislocated, unseen, and lost bit by bit into an asynchronous internet landscape.”
The Republic by James N. Kienitz Wilkins and Robin Schavoir:
The Republic is a narrative with precedents set more by the philosophical thought experiments of Plato, More and other imagineers of Utopias than by drama or film. While there are characters and these characters have emotions and drives, and while there are funny and sad moments, the real preoccupation—the final overall image, in my opinion—is how a society is structured, and how that structure changes to accommodate new parts.”
—Robin Schavoir