2012 Awardee The Franklin Presents Gina Hunt: Azimut

May 20-August 4, 2018
3522 W. Franklin Blvd., Chicago, IL

Azimuth presents new site-responsive works by Chicago-based artist Gina Hunt. The artist will create an actual sundial on the south-facing exterior wall of the Franklin and will visit the site at regular intervals to make timeline marks based on the movement of light and shadows. Inside the Franklin, Hunt’s screens made from layers of theater scrim that she has dyed red, green, and blue—referencing the colors of light on our digital screens and the cones in our eyes, which are sensitive to red, green, and blue wavelengths—will filter the natural light and create an ever-changing experience. Hunt’s project will be on view from May until August, as the sunlight shifts from the soft and diffused glow of spring to the intense and direct glare of summer. Azimuth will also overlap with the summer solstice.