2012 Awardee THE FRANKLIN Hosts Dr. Rock

Discuss your respective anxieties with Dr. Rock
Closing Reception: Saturday, June 17, 2-4pm
3522 W. Franklin Blvd.

Dr. Rock transforms the Franklin Gallery into a therapist’s office where visitors are invited to sign up in advance and discuss their respective anxieties with the rock in attendance. Known for their humble stature and centuries of experience, Dr. Rock has kindly agreed to donate their services for up to three consecutive Sundays. Email dr.rocksoffice@gmail.com and schedule your free appointment today!

This exhibition is tied to the launch of Picard’s debut graphic novel ten years in the making. The Chronicles of Fortune (Radiator Comics) follows the life of Fortuna, a depressed and thus ineffectual super hero, and her alter-ego Edith-May as they spend a night on Alcatraz, discover a talking mountain growing in their apartment, befriend a crying crocodile, and are swindled into buying a $50 goldfish for its alleged singing abilities.